Sunday mornings
At 10.45am we gather around a central ‘Lord’s table’, as Christians have always done:
• to hear the great stories, poetry and wisdom of the bible
• to reflect on our own lives and the world we live in
• to pray for our world, our communities and for each other
• to share bread and wine – the timeless symbols of Jesus’ love and community

We like to sing! Everyone at St James is in the choir… and we like to use lots of colour, light and symbol to explore our seasonal themes. Most Sundays there are special programmes for children and young people, and about once a month we all stay together for an all-age service.

Other times
Whilst our Sunday service is the big focus of our community, we meet up at other times and in smaller ways too. Shared lunches are a regular feature of Sundays throughout the year, and especially at festival times and seasons like Christmas and Easter.

Some of us meet in small groups in each other’s homes – sometimes regularly, like our women’s group, and sometimes for short-term, seasonal discussion groups, typically during the season of Lent. Our young people often meet in each other’s homes or on arranged trips and activities. We have annual ‘away days’ and occasional weekends away as a community, both for fun and to make space for learning and thinking together. Our January ‘Burns Supper’ is always a full-house, and once a year we host ‘Adventfest’ our wee arts festival for a big time of year. Our hall is used on most days of the week by various local community groups and classes.

Our story
The Scottish Episcopal Church is a welcoming and inclusive church that traces its history back to the beginnings of Christianity in Scotland. There has been a Scottish Episcopal congregation of St James worshipping every Sunday in Leith for over 300 years!  ‘Episcopal’ is a word with ancient origins, which has come to be used of churches that recognise the leadership of Bishops as part of their organisational structure.

We are the Scottish province of the worldwide Anglican Communion – a family of some 70 million Christians in over 165 countries, and which includes the Church of England, the Church of Ireland and the Church in Wales. For more see

Our priorities
Working together – We have one full time member of staff – our Rector, Revd Steve Butler, and an elected group of volunteer trustees, the Vestry. We are committed to collaborative leadership and organisation.
Growing together – We seek to offer practical support and inspiration by a creative, spiritual practice of prayer, song, silence and sacrament.
Living together – We aspire to be a community of welcome – and a safe place for all, irrespective of age, race, gender, tradition, sexuality, disability or health status.

Our concerns
We look to explore a biblical perspective on life, in a thoughtful and informed way, as we seek to:
• live out the Christian faith in areas of hospitality, diversity and inclusive community
• renew our participation in worship, faith and spirituality
• actively campaign for social justice and be committed to the common good.

We seek to actively collaborate with and support a range of aid agencies and charities, which currently include Christian Aid, Tear Fund, L’Arche, Mercy Corps and The Rock Trust.

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