St James is committed to an inclusive and collaborative approach to leadership and ministry in all areas of our church life. We share the load of organising and shaping our community while also striving to keep the number of committees to a minimum.

Lay Leaders Group

We have six lay leaders who lead worship in partnership with the Rector.

Music Group

The music group chooses hymns and plays every Sunday. They have recently begun to write their own music which is being incorporated into our worship. It’s very informal, and week to week we might have anything from a tin whistle and fiddle, to a basson and viola. Anyone is welcome to join in – just bring your instrument and play along.


Vestry is usually chaired by a member of the vestry rather than the Rector, as a demonstration of our commitment to shared accountability and lay leadership. They meet monthly to discuss the current and future running of our church, along with any projects or planning that might need to be put in place. It is the Vestry’s responsibility to support the Rector, and to ensure smooth lines of communication between the congregation, our partners, neighbours, and surrounding community.

Web Team

The web team develop and maintain our cyber-presence, updating the site with new content on a regular basis. There are currently three (and a half) members of the web team, though we are always happy to have new members. This site is under construction right now and all feedback will be gratefully received.

Worship and Transformation Planning Group

Our worship planning group meets regularly to plan the monthly all-age worship and to decide on themes for forthcoming seasons to guide the transformation of our worship space.

Women’s Group

The Women’s Group meets on the third Monday of every month and again roughly a fortnight later,  on whichever day works best for most people. We keep it as a movable feast to help people with other regular commitments. A supportive space to meet new friends and get to know each other in a deeper way than can be done at coffee after the service, we share what’s going on in our lives and pray with and for each other. If you’d like to know more, just ask one of the women at church!