stormEach Sunday in January and February 2017, we had a short ‘Green Spot’ when a member of our community shared a concern and a call to action, in the face of the growing challenge of Climate Change. This initiative was led by Liz Holt who gave a ‘Small Corner Reflection’ in January to speak in more detail about her personal response to Climate Change – you can read her reflection here.

Here’s a quick roundup of what was presented during the Green Spots including useful links to follow up:

Liz – played Elegy for the Arctic to set the big context for Green Spot: the melting polar ice caps.

Gisela – opened a bottle of her family’s wine from Bavaria, while talking about being careful about where we buy our food and what we buy, to sustain the earth that sustains us.

– used her badger puppet (Bridget) to highlight flooding and the threats to other creatures as a result of the climate crisis.

– shared in small corner Sunday about failures to communicate the climate crisis (you can read the talk here: and so it hasn’t caught the public imagination.

Margaret – shared with Rhiannah about the progress that Scotland has made towards its climate targets, and encouraged us all to switch to green energy providers. The website has a list of green energy providers and relative costs. With some providers (including the big 6) you can select a green tariff, but they still also deal with electricity produced using coal, oil, nuclear etc. Others only provide energy from renewable sources. These include: Bulb Ecotricity Green Star Energy Good LoCO2

– made a green smoothie on the communion table while talking about methaney cow burps and that cutting our meat consumption is an important, easy way to help in the climate crisis.

– talked about connecting the dots with other people, showing how the climate crisis directly impacts on things, people and issues we care about the most today.

Hannah – prayed for people at the frontline of the climate crisis, for the Dakota Access Pipeline protest, for charities and everyone engaged in trying to create change.

– talked about the fracking public consultation open until May for us all to voice our objections to fracking.