There are no pews in our church – we worship ‘in the round’. As you might guess, this means our worship style is relaxed and informal, though we follow the standard Scottish Episcopal liturgy. There’s a wide range of musical, dramatic and artistic talent in our congregation and members participate actively in all aspects of our weekly worship.

Responsibility for reflections/sermons is shared between the rector, lay readers, lay people, and a number of theologians and clergy in the congregation, so the style varies from week to week and can range from the dramatic to the academic and anything in between! We use seasonal variations of the Scottish Liturgy (1982) and a wide range of songs –  drawn often from the work of the Wild Goose Resource Group of the Iona Community, which includes songs from the

When possible, we record the ‘reflection’ and make it available on the website, so people who’ve had to miss the service are still able to hear it. (We have all the recordings and will be adding that section to the site shortly! Sign up for updates to find out when it happens.)

Sunday Family Communion (weekly)

We start to gather each Sunday morning from 10:30am for a service start around 10:45am. The service contains elements for all ages, though the children and young people have special group activities which may be more suitable. Virtually all our children receive communion each week. We welcome all to our communion table, regardless of denomination or age.

All Ages Service (roughly every 6 weeks)

Each season, one of our Family Communion services is replaced with an All Ages Service. There is normally an activity of some sort for the whole congregation to join in, anything from making little paper prayer trees, to tying strips of old clothing around candles, to holding pebbles. The aim in these services is to draw the family of the church together, sharing insights and experiences between the generations.